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Butterfly Brooches – Make Them!

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Although there are hundreds upon hundreds of shawl pin and brooch bros cantik designs both in the real world and on the Web, sometimes it is a lot more fulfilling if you had a hand in the process, literally. This means, out of your own creativity shall spring forth the one true set of shawl pins that can significantly reflect your character.

No single design out there in the market today can really capture what you really want. Unless of course you had some artisan design and make one for you, it just seldom happens that a product in the market is the exact fit to a particular person’s peculiarities. In rare instances that they do, it would have come with a great amount of exertion on the part of the individual.

Creating your own shawl pin design is actually not a difficult thing to do, especially if you are clear with what you want. You see, as in any endeavor, it always starts with a clear idea of what you want to accomplish. To do this, you should know yourself, how you think, how you dress, and how you want other people to think about you.

Once you are done with this very crucial step, you then need to transform your ideas into images – images of shawl pins that other people can also see. These images can actually start in your mind and may be the result of having viewed different designs and integrating a host of elements to best capture what you want to portray.

How to care for plants properly

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1. Choose the pots.
Make certain there are one or more holes in the bottom of your container to allow water to flow out freely. Insufficient drainage can cause roots to drown, and the plant to die prematurely.

Almost anything can be used as a container for plants, so what type of pot you choose depends upon your style preference and budget. If you prefer lightweight containers, which are easy to move around and can weather winter temperatures, look for resin, fiberglass, and plastic. Bonus: These materials are not porous, so they absorb less moisture than unglazed clay or wood―leaving more for the plant.

2. Choose the potting mix.
Do not use soil from the yard or garden. It can be filled with weed seeds, insects, and fungal diseases.

Buy potting soil at your local garden center. It is a loose and light mixture of materials like peat moss, vermiculite, and, often, decomposed organic matter. If you are planting succulents or cacti, use a mix especially formulated for them.

3. Choose the plants.
4. Prepare the pots.
5. Pot the plant.

The beach of Nusa Penida

Currently I often get questions from readers of the site, which is like a vacation to the beach in Bali, about the names and locations rarely visited beaches in Bali, but it must have natural scoot fast cruises review beauty beach Pandavas Kutuh Bali , with clean white sand and empty.

Nusa Penida Bali beach

To answer the questions visitors to the site, I wrote about a list of beautiful hidden beach on the island of Bali.

Of all the beautiful beaches list is hidden in Bali that I wrote, all the beaches in Bali is located in the area of tourist attractions in southern Bali and area attractions in eastern Bali.

  • Hidden beaches in South Bali .
  • Pantai Indah Hidden In East Bali .

After writing the article above, and then came the idea out of my mind to write alternative tourist destinations in Bali, on a beautiful beach hidden in Klungkung regency my birthplace.


Klungkung regency has the smallest area of the eight districts in the island of Bali. There are four districts in Klungkung regency, namely:

  • Subdistrict Klungkung.
  • District Banjarangkan.
  • Kecamatan Dawan.
  • Nusa Penida.

The only sub-districts in Klungkung which has beautiful beaches, white sand is Nusa Penida.Nusa Penida region consists of three small islands located in the southeastern part of the island of Bali. The island, among others:

  • Nusa Penida Island.
  • Nusa Lembongan Island.
  • Island Ceningan.

Special on this page, I will write about the white sand beach, which has beautiful scenery and rarely visited on the island of Nusa Penida as an alternative tourist destination in Bali.

Turkish Nusa Penida – Lovely & Rarely Visited

For those seeking an alternative holiday to the tourist attractions of Bali and you have an adventurous spirit and love tourist beach resorts on the island of Bali which has beautiful views, as well as the location of the beach rarely people know, so it’s good for a vacation to the beach in Nusa Penida Bali.

List of Nusa Penida Island Temple

1. Turkish atuh

One of the coast’s most famous Nusa Penida diatara all beaches in Nusa Penida is atuh Beach.For now atuh Beach still entered in the category of beach rarely visited in Bali. Whereas atuh beach on the island of Nusa Penida Bali, has the characteristics of a beautiful beach with a unique, different from the beaches on the island to another.

On the beach there are three coastal atuh white sand beaches separate high cliffs on each side of the beach. Each coastal area has white sand mixed with small rocks.


Travel Nanggu Gili Gili Tangkong, Gili Sudak and Gili Kedis

Want to Travel the private Gili in Lombok? Select 4 Gili Lombok travel packages, visit Gili Nanggu, Tangkong dyke, the dyke and dyke kedis who already beautiful and unforgettable. In this tour you can snorkel or just the road – the road on the beach, because in Gili Nanggu is one of the best snorkeling in Lombok.


In the travel 4 Gili Lombok , we will visit the attractionsGili Nanggu , Gili Tangkong, Gili Sudak and Gili Kedis is a tour of the island as well travel beautiful ocean with coral reefs are perfect, bali to gili island soft white sand, as well as its convenient location like the island’s own and will be suitable for your honeymoon. After your breakfast at the hotel, you will be picked up to travel the southland, the island of Lombok, the area Tawun, travel is approximately 1.5 hours to the port of Tawun. The journey to Gili Nanggu using the boat about 25 minutes. Once you are there, you can do activities such as snorkeling until satisfied or around the Gili islands Nanggu. Then we continue the journey towards Gili Tangkong not far from Gili Nanggu. The appeal in Gili Tangkong are the white sand beaches and clear, and the amount of marine life in around the beach. You will feel the beauty of the beach there and ate lunch in the local area, Gili Sudak is a small island surrounded by beautiful antai with its beautiful coral reefs and amazing. You can play snorkeling to settle there, and Gili Kedis which has an area that is not widely so as to make the atmosphere more private (personal). You will be able to pass your time with swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. Once you are happy doing the activity, you will be escorted back to the harbor for a trip you will be escorted to enjoy dinner Lombok. after enjoying dinner, you will be escorted to the hotel to rest.

Attractions to visit: Gili Nanggu, Tangkong Gili, Gili Sudak and Gili Kedis

Price Travel 4 Gili Lombok

Car rental prices include driver and gasoline:

Price / car (Rp.)
APV / Avanza Innova Travello Elf Hino
700.000 900.000 1.250.000 1.500.000 1.900.000
Price Includes:

    • Car and petrol during tour
    • Friendly and experienced driver who will guide you during your travel in Lombok

Complete Tour Package

Price / participant (Rp.)
2-3 participants 4-5 participants 6-7 participants 8-9 participants 10-13 participants 14-17 participants
920.000 590.000 550.000 530.000 490.000 490.000

Price Includes:

  • Car and petrol during tour
  • Friendly and experienced driver who will guide you during your travel in Lombok
  • Lunch (1x) and dinner (1x) in a restaurant
  • Cool drinks and soft drinks
  • Cold towel / tissue basah
  • The entry fee in Attraction
  • Parking and donation in attractions
  • Your local attractions
  • Charter boats from the harbor to the dyke and vice versa (so you do not have to wait for a full boat)

Price Does Not Include:

  • Flight ticket
  • Hotel accommodation suitable choice
  • Tip for driver / guide
  • Personal use
  • Attraction in the game

Benefits of cucumber to your health 2

However , the size of cucumbersvary according to various factors of cultivation as well. Skin cucumber can vary in color from green to white , and sometimes may be smooth or ridged depending on the varieties . in skin cucumber , you will find meat green pale pretty thick but juicy and crisp at the same time . the core interior cucumber shave many , seed fleshy edible . many varieties of cucumbers are grown in the greenhouse ; they seedless and have a skin thin and long again , usually between 12 and 20 inches . Often known as burpless”, this variety of cucumber purchased by the majority , because it is easier to digest than other types of cucumbers .

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Benefits Health cucumbers cucumber in foIt still not known when the cucumber was used for preservation , but researchers have speculated that the cucumber cucumber developed from native Africa . Spain is one of the country during the ancient times that began pickled cucumbers ,as the Roman emperor imported them from countries of the Mediterranean this . the health benefits of cucumber is not widely known in many cultures . the taste of cucumber fresh rather bland compared with squashes the other , but it’s cool to wear , and quality cooling squash is really refreshing . they often act as antioxidants when you consume it with grilled and fried foods . you also can drink a full glass of cucumber , carrot juice or orange . it this not only will give you the nutritional value of healthy , but also a unique treat is delicious . Benefits Cucumber ranging from preventing acidity to keep the skin well -.

Cucumbers have the alkali is high , so adjust the pH of the blood in the body and neutralize the acidity . Patients with problems stomach should consume cucumbers often. This set of blood pressure and contribute to the proper structure of the connective tissue in the body , including the muscles, bones , ligaments , cartilage , and tendons . During the summer , cucumber helps to normalize body temperature . cucumber juice is a diuretic , so it is able to prevent kidney stones . They also counteract the effects of uric acid , which prevent inflammation in the conditions like arthritis ,asthma , and gout . you will be very surprised to know that pumpkin is also promoting the growth of hairis healthy and able to treat diseases of the skin such as psoriasis , eczema , and acne .

Cucumbers are rich in silica , which is an important component that helps in developing connective tissue strong and healthy in the muscles , ligaments , tendons , cartilage , and bone . Doctors often recommend cucumber juice because it contains silica to create a healthier skin and bright .

Traveled in Bintan Island With All spaciousness


Traveled in Bintan Island With All spaciousness – Bintan Island is the largest island in the Riau Islands. The island is widened from Malacca to the South China Sea. Bintan Island also has Area 3. 000 large and small islands that extends from the start across Singapore and Johor Baru, Malaysia. This island is a favorite stopover merchant ships from China and India to take shelter from the storm and the contents of supplies.

Because the beauty of the islands, Area era all 18 Bintan contested by some traders from Portugal, Europe, the UK and the Netherlands. At that time, the island was ruled by the Sultanate of Johor-Riau. In the end on th. 1884, the Netherlands and Britain closed the fight with a signed treaty of London and make the time teritoris location north of Singapore so has the UK as well as the south side so have the Netherlands. Starting from the time of the Singapore location south side and the north separated.

Most of the past decade, Indonesia and Singapore friendship better with the approval of an agreement for the Bintan islands also built concurrently. Such a thing would be advantageous to the 2nd state in the Free Trade Zone of Batam, Bintan. The deal led to the construction of Bintan Resort that today many tourists visit it.

Bintan Resort is a top tourist destinations that are here. Tourist attractions shaped beach with an area of ??23 000 ha on white sand overlooking the South China Sea. The island also has a stunning history in Tanjungpinang and Biting. Here you can get surf spots, ecotourism and other international moment.

With the exception of some means which have been described first, Bintan Resort has other means that can be called so interesting. What are? Namely, five-star hotels, world class golf courses with an international architectural field number five. Even one that is most excellent in Asia. Try only to golf courses of The Jack Nicklaus Sea View Golf and Ian Baker-Finch Woodlands Golf with a panoramic view of the green. Then there is a spa, and a variety of beach tourism.

Bintan is an island that is so appealing. In it there are many tourist spots or special too. You can enjoy the history and culture of travel, from the City Palace Dishes in Biram Dewa island, Malay Dishes City, Tanjung Pinang East. Or you can also go to Pencil Monument and couplets Composition Raja Ali Haji called Tanjung Pinang icon.

CULINARY and trinkets
When you get to Bintan, do not forget to taste the fresh seafood, steamed fish, gong gong or a conch pearls. The latest food is typical food Riau Islands as well as you can find in Bintan and Batam. Please also buy a cake trunk ugly, typical food Riau Islands which has existed since time began. Snacks bleary rolls, crackers brains, shredded fish, and there are many more. Layover also buy shells or other souvenirs near the coast and in some stores in Bintan

Bintan Island are in South Peninsular Malaysia. The place is so positioned in the mouth of the Strait of Malacca. If you want to visit this island, please wear ferries depart from Singapore’s Tanah Merah ferry terminal to the airport terminal Bentan Telani Lagoi. The ferry was also away from the ferry terminal to Tanjungpinang Singapore, Sri Bintan Pura. If you are in the country, please wear flights from most airlines, such as Sriwijaya Air from Jakarta.

Come to the Riau Islands is indeed not complete if you do not come to the island of Bintan. Congratulations traveled and do not forget to prepare all the necessary equipment. Greetings backpack!

Wanting Learning SEO? This is where the place is


Wanting Learning SEO? This is where the place is … – Getting overflow traffic from search engines are certainly many desired some internet marketers.
Commonplace, when then eventually many who want to learn SEO (search engine optimization).
However, where is the place to learn SEO excellent and recommended?

Well, there you have the right place. In writing this occasion, I would give a complete list and keeping the site that you can use as a resource for learning SEO properly, measurable, and it is definitely always up-to-date with the most recent changes in search engine algorithms.

List of Sites / Sites (blog) / Community For Learning SEO
If you are followers of white-hat SEO, here the most fitting place to learn. Various white hat techniques are taught here, from start Skyscraper, E-mail Outreach, The Moving Man Method etc.

Site managed by Brian Dean have gained quite a lot of back links naturally from some of the players outside the recommended SEO articles on his blog.

The Moz Blog
Wanting always up-date with the most recent changes to SEO? You must subscribe here. Moz has been into existence since a long time and is known to be one of the biggest SEO portal. Mau Belajar SEO Dari Dasar Biar Joss

Many internet marketers are popular as a contributor on this site. Originator metric DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) can be popular with a segment Whiteboard Friday hosted by their frontman, Rand Fishkin.

Black Hat World
Wanting rather ngeblack or gray, try to go here. Community Black Hat World may be the greatest community to review concerning any blackhat techniques / gray hat SEO in the world. 301 redirect, spun contents, back link auto, mass follow accounts and a variety of other techniques can you get here.

This site was formerly quite popular and has a lot of audience, but the latter has not often up-date. However, it is still so worth it to you to subscribe here.

Matthew Woodward
I think this is one among the most materialistic SEO players: D Every inch of her web is filled with ads and subscribe form.

Apart from that, these sites have the info so complete, especially in the use of software and SEO tools. Although the last bit of the natural decline in their quality with their many guest post is published on the site.

One of the sites (blog) my favorite SEO. Quite often up-date of writing, but every up-date the article continues the theme with so profound and complete.

The site (blog) This can quite often unload all the techniques ‘brutal’ of some major sites in mastering and manipulating search engine results, not unless its own search engine, Google.

His web appearance so clean, no ads, and even though there is almost no affiliate links. Site managed by Glen Allsopp’s so concentration in giving value to the reader.

Gotch SEO
Wanting concentration at the SEO services? Maybe you can learn a lot of sites (blogs) this.

The site (blog) managed by Nathan Gotch have a lot to review some technical things about SEO.

Jacob King
Despite his somewhat slenge’an (lots interspersed with harsh sentences and expletive) but the site (blog) this one is worthy to see by some internet marketers who want concentration on the SEO.

It was fairly weighty as well as a bit of theory. Not willing to follow the provisions of the main Google and more inclined position dianya as blackhater.

Utamakah Learning SEO?


Utamakah Learning SEO? – Activities of business on-line (as long as I know), can not be separated from SEO. Steps to make money on the internet (the business on-line) very many kinds, such as making the site (blog), business affiliates, make a fashion shop on-line, selling e book, a practice course (on-line training), to make the application, sales software etc. So actually there are a dozen, several dozen even perhaps just a few hundred types of business online that can be learned beginners who are interested in making money on the internet.

SEO, then where the real function of SEO? What requirements must learn SEO all kinds?
Surely not easy to answer whether it’s SEO, how to learn SEO, what are the SEO benefits for businesses on-line and so on, just with a piece like this article. But in order to not confuse the reader, I try to explain in a way outline. So that you know a little about SEO SEO if you want to learn more, I have the most appropriate information so that you can learn further about SEO. Fair enough, right? Belajar SEO

What is SEO?
SEO is Search Engine Optimization, when in our bhs, can be simultaneously translated as Search Engine Optimization. Means, one technique or specific measures commonly used by several businesses on-line to get traffic (highway visitors) from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. SEO is one step among the best, cheapest and anyone can learn to attract visitors (visitors) in order to “drop in” to a site (site (blog)) us or on-line store that we manage themselves.

Is SEO really that difficult to learn?
The answer to this question is relative. There are the first group who say it was tough (in fact because they are lazy to learn) as a select group to a 2-interest learn it. (When I, helped the group’s 2nd course, hehehe).

So, in essence, learn SEO though not difficult, just need determination, patience and practice. Typically, people see SEO as it is difficult (because the language is only English !!) Although actually, in fact a lot of learning SEO tips which have been used in Indonesian language. Well, just know huh ?!

avail SEO
As has been noted above that the most important benefits of learning SEO is learned attract visitors from the search engines in order to stop at the site (blog) or on-line shop got us. Type visits from search engines from Google, Yahoo or Bing and so it is natural visits (naturally) as well as durable form that we do not need to remove the cost for promotional purposes.

The main thing about SEO
Learning Research Keyword
Learning to search for keywords (keywords) (keyword), related to what is the number of people looking for the info on the internet. Generally, internet users use any word in the search for the necessary info. For example, men who experience hair loss is generally going to find a cure hair grower. The hair grower drug is meant keywords (keywords) (keyword).

How many in one day the number of people looking for information with keywords (keywords) that? Difficult is not it answer? Surely not, because there are several free tools on the internet that provide services to find keywords for SEO purposes. One of the example is Google keywords (keyword) Tool. This tool is so powerful to know how large the number of searches within a specific time.

Learning to Create a Website
Learn to make a website can be passed, because getting very many free templates that can be used to wake up a website (blog) or on-line store. True, you can search for all kinds of types of site appearance (on-line store) fit together to taste and can use it in a way free.

However, with regard to SEO so make sure the arrangement of sites are SEO friendly and responsive. Template means that sites must meet a good SEO arrangement as having the value of the Title, H1, H2, H3 and so arranged by means of good and standard for SEO needs. As well do not forget that your site must be responsive too. Responsive meaning that it can be opened using gadgets (smartphone, etc.) without necessarily interfere with the convenience of internet users (visitors).

I believe, you will be added to bother with what I noted this, right?
Learning On Expert
If you are interested to learn SEO further, not just confused reading this article, so please just look for the correct steps to learn SEO. There are a number of tips about the material free SEO on the internet, but I refer you to learn the experts. Congratulations to learn, hopefully successfully!

How To Choose The Bed Linen and Bed Cover

Time you use other than for work is rest and almost one third of time spent sleeping Andah. You will get the best quality of rest to make your bed as comfortable as possible so you can sleep soundly. And you need to pay attention to Your bed is spring bed / mattress and bed linen / bed cover but I will discuss about bed sheets and bed covers that can make your sleep more comfortable.

Here are the guidelines you need to know before buying bed linen in both conventional and online stores.

Cu ma: You need to choose a motif and color
When you enter the bedroom, the bed will be the focal point. Make sure you choose the pattern and color of bedding matches the theme of your sleeping room throughout the course of color and pattern in your bedroom according to your taste. Wall paint natural colors such as white and pastel colors will tend to be looking for more motives and color sheets. Note also the area of ​​the room you sleep. Tiny sleeping space more suited to the small small motifs or plain.

Bed linen Batik motif Do not be afraid to experiment with your sheets. Very many options on the market from classic to modern and abstract. Even the motif on the bed linen was now a trend. Make your bedroom into a time atmosphere you’ve always longed for.
types of materials
There are several types of existing materials of the market. The most popular use for the bed linen is cotton. Cotton comes from the cotton fibers that are a good insulator. This type of fabric is very suitable for use in tropical regions like Indonesia because of the impression of cool and easy to absorb sweat. Cotton fibers can also absorb the color so well that motif that can be produced very diverse with bright colors and durable. But cotton also has the disadvantage of easily tangled and shrinkage after washing. Plain bed sheets with batik accents

Cotton fabrics on the market are very diverse. Japanese cotton has a softer fiber making it suitable for sensitive skin you. But of course the price is also more expensive than standard cotton fabric types. There are also cotton that has been mixed with synthetic bahan2 such as viscose and polyester with varying percentages. Cotton satin is a material imported from China with a more glossy surface.

Type bed linen
Actually there are 2 kinds of types of bed linen:
1. Flat bed sheet, a sheet-shaped fabric that only the length that is greater than your mattress so that use can be included under the matrass

2. Fitted bed sheet, a fourth bed linen sewn edges forming grooves conformed matrass and given the size of elastic rubber for easier installation.

In the past almost all the bed linen is a flat bed sheet, but now pemakaannya began to decline with the popularity of fitted bed sheet that is easy to install and perapihannya. Flat bed sheet was used in a hospital bed or a hotel. While the fitted bed sheet is more widely used in households.

The size sheets
Before buying bed linen matrass make sure the size of your bed. Measure commonly used by companies spring bed is 100 x 200 cm, 120 x 200 cm, 160 x 200 cm (Queen size), 180 x 200 (King size) and 200 x 200. High matrass also vary but a common 20-30 cm. For flat bed sheet may not be a problem if the size of the bed linen so we are much bigger. But for the fitted bed sheet different width determines the tidiness of installation.

Most style jacquard bed linen fitted sheet on the market wearing a height of 30 cm. You do not need to worry if your mattress height is smaller than that because you can still folded neatly down the mat.

Carefully before buying is a very wise proverb. Get enough knowledge first before buying the goods you need.

Marc Minkowski: Who Is The New Director Of The Bordeaux Opera?

discover more information about EXO, Kris here

The Bordeaux National Opera has a new CEO. The conductor Marc Minkowski, who was previously head of the Musiciens du Louvre, succeeds Thierry Fouquet, who had twenty years of house behind him. “This is very important in this function, in this universe, to be opened. I always spent my life traveling, then I’m quite a bit but it should not end like this,” explains Marc Minkowski, twenty year career in counter at RTL. The conductor led, in effect, a festival in Salzburg, one on the Ile de Ré. Activities he is forced to lighten, delegate or suspended.

Bordeaux to get this job was not an easy task. Like any candidate, Michel Minkowski had to submit to an oral exam. “It was nice to be recognized as an artist who serves his country both nationally and internationally, it is in the public institution, and therefore it must pass a competition, must be a record. As a student, looking his first job, we did a little review before a jury. as more, I left school before the bin, because I was a little gifted and music occupied all my space, I have not the experience of the exams, “he says.

“Don Quixote” starts the season at Bordeaux

The Bordeaux National Opera launches its season this Saturday, September 17th with a show called The Travels of Don Quixote. A rather original show, so that part of the work of Cervantes, in which we can hear the versions of Don Quixote by Maurice Ravel and Richard Strauss in the Auditorium of 1,400 seats, opened in 2012 with a staging and film of a videographer. The public will come out in the street, follow the protagonists, Quixote, Sancho Panza, Dulcinea, accompanied by a horse procession. Marc Minkowski is a lover of horses.

Bobby McFerrin, Yaron Herman and Jean-Claude Casadesus showing

Together, they go through the course of the Quartermaster to go to the Grand Theatre, jewel of 1780 (900 places), and attend other versions of Don Quixote, that of Manuel de Falla and Jules Massenet. Music, theater, ballet, all trades of the Bordeaux Opera will come together for this show, given until September 25.

Marc Minkowski intends to maintain this cohesion within the establishment which has 380 employees. It is full of new ideas and has a nice address book. Among the big names this season announced ago Bobby McFerrin, jazz musician Yaron Herman or the chef Jean-Claude Casadesus. His fame will necessarily be beneficial, especially to get to find sponsors, because the funding of the house is in pretty bad shape.

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